The Importance of Self-Care in Autoimmune Disease (For Yourself, Your Kids, and Your Grandkids)

What's a grandma to do? Help the next generation.Dr. Bonnie Feldman

Are your lifestyle choices creating a legacy of disease or a legacy of health?         Good health habits today may lead us towards disease prevention for future generations. As both an autoimmune mom and grandmother I, like many of you, conquer daily obstacles through self-care strategies. We often fail to

Chronic Life Tips: How To Explain Your Autoimmune Disease To Everybody Else

Let’s give those nosy neighbors something to talk about.

Finding “The One”: Qualities To Look For In A Chronic Pain Doctor

It’s never easy to find "the one." But the perfect doctor is out there. Here are the qualities you should be looking for:

Life With A Chronic Disease: Making Memories With Your Kids In Spite Of Fatigue

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Chronic Life Lessons: How To Build A Support Network When You Have Autoimmune Disease

You don’t have to take on your auto immune disease entirely by yourself and, in fact, you shouldn’t.

Autoimmune Self-Care Mantra: You Can’t Do It All (So Stop Worrying About It)

Shannon Harvey

In the time it has taken me to craft this sentence I have had to change a nappy, put a tired baby to bed, comfort a crying toddler, send a text about my mother’s upcoming birthday, unsubscribe from an email list that keeps interrupting my train of thought, answer a work-call about an urgent grant application, and resist the urge