About was born out of a frustration with a lack of online information about autoimmune conditions beyond the surface-level articles and blog posts, even on the top health websites.  Believing there must be a way to develop content that dug into current research and examined deeper questions, the planning for the site began.

And because moms are amazing resources for all things related to their kids, why not also create a way for them to help each other find new ideas for managing their autoimmune issues?  After all, women are the majority of people affected by autoimmune, and many of us are moms.

Finally, it doesn’t seem that there is a resource out there for those of us with more than one autoimmune condition.  The mystery of which condition is causing what symptom creates a special challenge in managing these diseases that leave us looking normal on the outside and tangled up on the inside.  Finding a way to get to a “new normal” for as much of your life as possible is the goal for this site.

I myself am an autoimmune mom, having the fun task of managing work, home, motherhood, and Hashimoto’s, reactive hypoglycemia and pleva (a rare autoimmune skin condition).  Together we’ll find new ways to feel better and someday be able to assist in finding a cure to these chronic conditions, while advocating for a health care system that will treat autoimmune conditions holistically rather than via specialists working in silos.

Thanks for joining us, and we welcome any and all ideas and feedback.

To your health and happiness,
Katie Cleary