Sjögren's Syndrome

Sjögren’s Syndrome is an autoimmune condition that mostly affects women. The condition occurs when white blood cells go after and deplete moisture-producing glands. Symptoms include dry eye, dry mouth, and skin dryness. Sjögren’s can also affect the primary organs such as the kidneys, blood vessels, lungs, liver and pancreas. In this section, we will cover managing Sjögren’s Syndrome through pregnancy, breastfeeding and while raising kids both as a primary condition and paired with other autoimmune diseases.

Cogan syndrome


Cogan syndrome is rare autoimmune-mediated rheumatic disorder characterized by recurrent cornea inflammation, fever, weight loss and hearing loss. It can lead the patient to blindness or deafness if not treated properly. In 1945 D.G. Cogan first described this term. People of 20s, 30s and children are mostly affected by Cogan syndrome. What causes Cogan syndrome? The exact cause of cogan