what i need to do to help me get pregnant?

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Hello my name i Ashley , i have Addison Disease and I had it about 12years now me and husband are tryin to have a baby so what do i need to do or what will help me get pregnant instead of getting my feelings hurt every month thinking oh this os the month and it really dont be it ,

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Conditions: Addison’s Disease, Not sure right now

Doctors seen: MD – primary care, MD – specialist, Dietician

Treatment: Other

Age: 18-24


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Hi Ashley,

I know how hard it is to want to get pregnant so badly, but it doesn't happen as fast as you want it. How many countless times have each of us thought about how scared we were to be pregnant before we were ready, only to realize it's actually not that easy? Since you wrote this a few months ago, I hope you have had good news since then.

If not, then this article may help a little, though I know there are probably not enough tips for getting pregnant here.

Take care of yourself and keep the faith - it will happen all in good time. xo

Katie Cleary

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Answered on February 10, 2015

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