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Hi again,
I have so many questions right now lol
I have monthly blood tests to see how my body is responding to meds, this is usually last week in month.
Im due to have my second, done this I got tested 4 weeks ago im due for my next bloods then week later I see my rhuemy.
Do u think it is wise to pick a day when I am feeling worse than usual ie the two days my rhuemy wants me to lay off the naprosan, or when I am on my period cause this is usually the worst it gets.? would this give my tests a truer picture or does it not really matter?
im worried if i go on a “good” or “better day” should I say the bloods would show up that its not that bad really.
hope this question makes sense just somthing I have been thinking about

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I have some friends with autoimmune issues and I asked what they thought about your question. It's something I've wondered about too, but I usually make appts in advance so I haven't tried to time before. Anyway, see below for the various ideas.

Here's the range of suggestions they came back with:
- For me, one bad day or good day and it doesn't matter with the blood work. If I have a good day, the blood work will show high inflammation. It's hard for me to go by how I feel so I don't think you can try to time it.

- Go on a bad day so you can see what shows up.

- I like to see the results when I'm feeling bad so the doctor can see for himself.

- With RA the tests do not always show what's happening in your body. Blood tests can help when you have a high sedimentation rate (not sure how you would know if you have a high sed rate though), so you can get effective treatment, but blood tests rarely tell the whole story.

Good luck!


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Answered on August 17, 2013

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