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I have one daughter and considering having another child. My concern about having another baby is how the SS might effect the production of amniotic fluid and other health complications for the baby. Has anyone else had issues with the development of amniotic fluid. Thankfully, I don’t have the antibodies that can cause heart block.

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Conditions: Sjögren's syndrome

Doctors seen: MD – primary care

Treatment: Prescription medication/shots

Children: 1

Age: 35-44


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There is very little evidence that Sjogren's syndrome affects the amniotic fluid in pregnant women. However, this does not mean that women with Sjogren's do not have a higher-than-average risk for complications with pregnancy. The most common complications in pregnancy for women with Sjogren's include an increased risk of spontaneous abortion, preterm deliveries, and low birth weight in infants. These risks also increase both as a woman ages and with the severity of the disease.

Another important thing to know about pregnancy in women with Sjogren's is that if the pregnant woman is positive for anti-Ro/SSA antibodies then there is an increased risk for giving birth to babies with neonatal lupus. A woman with positive anti-Ro/SSA antibodies also increases the risk of congenital heart block in the infant by 4%. Heart block in the mother though generally only occurs in women that have the antibodies against the purkinje fibers of the heart, muscarinic M1 receptors and/or anti-La/SSB antibodies. Overall, pregnancy outcomes in women with Sjogren's are generally similar to those with healthy women, but close monitoring during pregnancy should take place.

Jenny Bennett, ND LAc

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Answered on February 10, 2015

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