Juggling family during the flare up stage

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I’m at a loss and need advice from others. I have 2 very young children and a husband. I’ve been constantly ill since the beginning of the 2nd tri of my last pregnancy. I am barely surviving and feel like everyday I’m sinking more and more. I’m so exhausted that I put every effort to get out of bed only to collapse on the couch until I HAVE to get the kids ready and go to work. I can’t concentrate, I’m irritable and I’ve lost all of my hair now and gained weight. I feel ugly and like a crappy mother and wife. How did you survive through this? I’m barely staying afloat and all I have ever wanted was to be a wife and mother. This unknown autoimmune disease feels like it’s killing my body and my dreams. I have hope it’ll get better someday (God I hope so) but I need advice through this difficult time


Conditions: Not sure right now

Doctors seen: MD – specialist

Treatment: Prescription medication/shots, Other

Children: 2

Age: 25-34
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