hashimotos & pregnancy

in by kaychris14

Hey I know this is an American site but I’m Struggling too Find Information & support For the UK! This Is My First Pregnancy I’m 10weeks 6days & I really Don’t Know What Too Expect or How too feel as I’m Struggling With finding information! I’m So Tired it is Unreal & I’ve Started Getting Sore throat etc Went Too Drs But I don’t Think he understood about the hashimotos or knew what it Was so Feeling Really Alone with no idea hope Someone can Give me Some Information Would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance

About kaychris14

Conditions: Fibromyalgia, Gluten sensitivity, Hashimoto's thyroid disease

Doctors seen: MD – specialist

Treatment: Prescription medication/shots, Gluten free

Age: 18-24

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