in by MKG

I have never subscribed to a site before but you seem so knowledgable and i feel so alone that i wanted to get in touch.

I come from a background of over exercise and also anorexia. For the last 10 years i have struggled with a range of autoimmune conditions. I currently live at home wity my parents. I am un able to work. If i just focus on eating broths, vegetables, healthy fats and protein my symptoms get so much better and deep down when i just do my yoga and short walks the stress leaves me and my artistic side comes out. But as soon as i walk too far, swim or push myself i end up craving carbs which frightens me as my body cant digest any grain, heavy starch or legumes wituout symptoms. Is doing less ok as i feel i need someone to reassure me.

Do you work one to one?

Kindest regards Megan

About MKG

Conditions: Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Gluten sensitivity, Glycemic issues (hypo/hyperglycemia), IBD-Crohn’s, Psoriasis

Doctors seen: Naturopath

Treatment: Gluten free

Age: 25-34

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