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Im a 42 year old male. Never had any health issues except minor allergies. Last time I got a cold or flu was 20 years ago.

About 2.5 years ago I suddenly started noticing that I got very dry eyes every night. They would feel very dry and have a continuous burning sensation. This would disturb my sleep a lot. Same with my nasal passages. Within an hour of waking the symptoms would disappear completely and there would be no hint of dryness.

The above continued for about a year after which I also started getting a dull pain just beneath both knees as well. This would come at go and vary from a minor irritation to feeling like a serious bruise when pressed on.

About 8 months ago, i started feeling slight temporary dryness during the day too. I then cut out all gluten & started taking omega 3 supplement. Over the following weeks I noticed all symptoms improved (dryness in eyes and nose reduced by 90% and 40% respectively) The knee pains went away completely.

However all of a sudden about a month ago, my nasal and eye dryness, instead of disappearing after I wake up, started to remain for most of the during the day too. Same with dryness of eyes. My mouth started going very dry at night too.

I have no other symptoms and not taking any medicines. No pain or fatigue. Besides for the above, I feel really good.

What strikes me about the above is how my nose, eyes and mouth oscillate multiple times during the day between feeling normal and about 40% of the dryness at night.

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Ugh, I know how annoying dry eye and dry mouth are - I have those symptoms too. Have you been to an ophthalmologist? Those are very good doctors to diagnose Sjogren's. I know most people recommend a rheumatologist, but I saw one years ago about Sjogren's for the same symptoms and they simply ran a blood test and then said sorry, not sure why you have those symptoms.

This past summer, I went to an ophthalmologist for the first time, and they can do some fairy sophisticated dry eye tests. (I also happened to go to the dentist, who did a dry mouth test - I thought maybe it was just me thinking I had dry mouth.) The eye doc - who is an MD - where I went in Austin, TX has access to this new Sjogren's test which is more sensitive than other tests and a lot less painful than the internal mouth biopsy which has been the gold standard for years but is very intrusive and can involve healing complications from what I understand.

There are only certain ophthalmologists who are authorized to give this test, and I'm not sure how you figure out who they are - I was lucky that this doctor had access to the test, and apparently she is the only one in the state of Texas who can conduct it (what??). This is the link:

Maybe you can call Bausch and find a provider near you who could do it? Otherwise, try a rheumatologist, but find one who is very good, since your symptoms have been coming and going. Good luck!!

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Answered on August 28, 2015

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