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Hi I am new here and could do with help.I am 43 and live in Ireland.Since aged 20 i have lived with fibromyalgia and manned on up until 3 years ago when due to worse pain and exhaustion has to give up my beloved job as a preschool teacher.4 months ago I contacted Blue Horizon for blood tests which annoyed my gp and I have posted results below for help as both endochronologist and gp feel I am fine despite tons of symptoms I am seeing a doctor new week who prescribes low dose naltroxene (Ldn)for fibro pain and I hear that it also helps with thyroid. I am injecting B12 and supplemting Vitamin d but I don’t know what to do about thyroid
A person on healthunlocked mentioned I should take T3 as range it is in relation to tsh and t4 indicates that
While a doctor I contacted in Amrica says I should take NDT .I am so confused if I do find way to take NDT is it comparable with Ldn .Sorry for long post just need someone who knows about these issues to advise.Many thanks linda

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Conditions: Fibromyalgia, Not sure right now

Doctors seen: MD – primary care, MD – specialist

Children: 2

Age: 35-44

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