Correct dose for Brain Function?

in by Elizabeth

Hi again,
I am taking 3.5mg LDN because that works to reduce need for thyroid hormone, although 4mg & 4.5mg also work.

I am also at risk for Parkinson’s. Already have confusion problems during refractory period after temporal lobe seizures (the seizures are from a head injury had as a teenager 50 years ago). Am recently having occasional problems maintaining a mental map of where I am, when driving, which I think is a Parkinson’s symptom.

Do you suppose that 4.5mg might be better than 3.5mg to reduce brain inflammation? Both work fine for Hashimoto’s. I guess the test would be which dose reduces seizures better, since seizures themselves damage the temporal lobes – in fact, my doctor has me on memantine (Namenda) & levetiracetam (Keppra), both of which reduce kindling in the temporal lobes –for that reason, memantine is helpful in Parkinson’s.

Anyway, what is your take on best dose for brain function? Same as Hashimoto’s? Am 68 yrs old, by the way.

Best, Elizabeth

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