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Hello, I am fairly new to knowing about Hashi’s. My doctor wants me on Carbimazole. He put me on this 10 years ago when I had just a high TSH result. It made things worse, back then. So I am not keen to start it again now I know I have Hashi’s. From what I researched Carbimazole just suppresses the thyroid, but I do not believe that is what I need. Can someone just bounce some thoughts on this back to me? All the information I am reading up is from america where the medicine they are using is hormones, not suppressents. Does anyone have any imput please? Thank you

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Conditions: Hashimoto's thyroid disease

Doctors seen: MD – primary care, Naturopath

Treatment: Vitamins, herbs, and/or supplements, Diet, Gluten free

Children: 2

Age: 35-44

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