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Why register to ask a question?’s Q&A is different from other sites. To understand the paths we have traveled on our respective autoimmune journeys, we ask you to provide some information about your conditions, health providers and treatments.

We believe that knowing each other’s background builds a foundation of trust to accept ideas for new or varied treatment paths. Our goal is for an open community that accepts advice from all perspectives.

For example, a question asked by a mom who has Celiac and Graves’, sees an MD, and treats with prescription medication and diet may get answers from moms of different ages and autoimmune conditions, who sees an MD and naturopath, and has tried alternative medication treatments. By including background (obtained from the registration process) of the mom asking the question, and also of those answering, each knows where the others are coming from.

You always have the option not to reveal your background history during the registration process, though we hope you will consider doing so. We welcome everyone to the AutoimmuneMom community, and hope we can make a difference by sharing, supporting and cheering each other on.