anti inflammatory diet for fibromiralga

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do you know anything about fibromiralga and anti inflammatory diet please ? i am trying to find what i should do about going on a special diet to try to help . i am at the end of my tether x

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Conditions: Fibromyalgia

Doctors seen: MD – specialist

Treatment: Prescription medication/shots

Children: More than 5

Age: 45-54


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The anti-inflammatory diet has been shown to be helpful for fibromyalgia in some cases, and can be used to decrease inflammation. Though what tends to work best for those with fibromyalgia are diets that are tailored for the individual needs of the person involved. For example, food allergies should be assessed and minimized, intestinal dysbiosis should be assessed and corrected, and a foundational diet filled with whole foods should be implemented for long term control.

If you are having a hard time finding someone that can work with you to make the correct dietary changes, there are more broad overarching dietary modifications that tend to work for most people with inflammatory conditions, if of course, food is one of the contributing problems. One of the most widely known diets is the Autoimmune Paleo diet, which is a combination of an allergy elimination diet and an anti-inflammatory diet. This diet helps to reduce foods that cause inflammation in combination with foods that people tend to have allergies to. It is fairly restrictive, but can have some very beneficial results. It is an especially good starter diet for those that are looking to move away from processed foods and move toward more whole foods.

Another more restrictive diet, that has also been shown to be beneficial for those with inflammatory conditions such as fibromyalgia, is the Whole 30 diet. The Whole 30 diet will remove all grains and sugars from the diet. This is best of there is some inflammatory dysbiosis in the GI tract that is contributing to symptoms, which is fairly common with fibro. This diet tends to be very restrictive though and can be very difficult for those that are not used to eating a diet mostly full of vegetables.

Regardless, all diets should consist of healthy foods with vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants. It can be helpful to have a health care practitioner on board that is familiar with nutrition that can help you make decisions that will be beneficial for your health in regards to your specific dietary needs.

Jenny Bennett, ND LAc

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Answered on November 6, 2016

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