Advice for 1st Eval @ Mayo Clinic (Scared; 1st time leaving my babies)

in by Jaimie

I’m feeling very anxious about my 1st Evaluation appointment with Rheumatology & Gastrology at Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL. I’ve been seen in my small town by multiple specialist, but the only thing they’ve diagnosed since 2011 is Ankylosing Spondylitis & a Nonspecific Autoimmune Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Yet, no one can explain my MRI of my brain shows 13 areas that have died, due to inflammation in the White Matter of my brain. I’ve been on high dose Prednisone for so long, my body is seeing the effects. The Biologics add lovely assortment of strange infections (probably from my kiddos) as well.
How do you distinguish between medication symptoms & Flare-up symptoms when they mesh together. Especially, when my Flare-up’s get really bad, it seems like other body systems (Kidney/Lungs/Heart/Nerves) get overloaded as well. If I were to list every symptom since 2011…….we;d be here until next week!
Thankfully, my kiddos will be in fabulous hands while we are away. But I hate the idea of being so far away from my boys.
I’m not sure what to expect & was hoping someone might have some experience leaving town for a “Specialty” Hospital. I feel like I’m forgetting something….well, that’s a daily thing!! Luckily, they sent a generic checklist of items needed!
I would appreciate any advice on what to expect, items you wish you had brought or how to explain efficiently the “assortment of weird Systemic symptoms” that have waxed & waned since 2011……… Especially, when I can’t even find my keys half the time?!?!?!
Thank you!! 🙂

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