5 year old with Red Eyes for over two weeks

in by SUSAN1023

I am concerned my 5 year old may have some time of autoimmune disorder. I have taken to several docs who all think it is viral and will get better in a little more time. For over two weeks his eyes have been blood shot. No drainage, no itching, and doesn’t complain about them bothering him. He has run a fever off and on for two weeks as well, and will sometimes complain of headaches.He has blood work has been mostly normal wbc 13.3K and slightly elevated CRP. He has been tested for flu, strep, microplasmic, and mono-all negative. Maybe I just need to be more patient, but it all seems very odd and my motherly instinct tells me this just isn’t right. I am desperate for answers and suggestions. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Conditions: Not sure right now

Doctors seen: MD – primary care, MD – specialist

Treatment: None Yet

Children: 5

Age: 35-44

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