New Research Suggests Autoimmune Diseases Are Created By Bacterium In The Gut

We’ve talked about the likely cause of autoimmune diseases here for a long time. And one that seems to come up time and time again is the human biome and how bacterium in the gut is likely the cause of many autoimmune diseases out there. Since these diseases are so new to medical attention and so mysterious in each person, it’s been difficult for scientists

These Simple Morning Rituals Can Make A Day With Chronic Pain A Little Easier

Mornings can be tough for a lot of reasons. Kids can make mornings tough. Chronic pain can make mornings tough. General tiredness and lack of sleep the night before can make mornings tough. Fortunately, there are ways you can power through your mornings to be more productive and start off with an enjoyable day. This is even true for those

Four Autoimmune Disease News Topics You May Find Interesting

Having an autoimmune disease is growing more and more common. Still, these diseases probably don’t always make it into the evening news in your area. Chances are that since you’ve been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, you’ve taken a great interest in the medical, technological and social developments surrounding these diseases. But have you read all the latest articles? In

Living With An Autoimmune Condition And Staying Young At Heart

They say the key to living a long and happy life is to always stay young at heart. I’m not 100% sure who “they” is, but someone said that once and I’m rolling with it. But what exactly does staying young at heart mean? It’s having a joyous (which is different from happy, mind you), fulfilling life – no matter

Rainy Or Not: You Can Play With Your Kids Inside While Dealing With Your Chronic Disease

There’s something so special about a rainy day. It’s beautiful and peaceful outside. And your kids get to stay inside with you (which may not be as peaceful). But it’s always an exciting time to have everyone home on a rainy, Saturday afternoon. When you have a chronic disease, chances are that they aren’t too many days where you can

Living With An Autoimmune Disease: Find Some Time To Laugh Every Day

There’s so much about having an autoimmune disease that’s serious. It’s sad and disheartening and heavy. So we have just one question for you today: Have you taken some time to laugh today? Have you at least cracked a smile? It is so incredibly important to take some time to enjoy yourself every single day. This is even true for