Living With An Autoimmune Condition And Staying Young At Heart

They say the key to living a long and happy life is to always stay young at heart. I'm not 100% sure who “they” is, but someone said that once and I'm rolling with it. But what exactly does staying young at heart mean? It's having a joyous (which is different from happy, mind you), fulfilling life – no matter what challenges life throws your way. For many of

How To Help Your Kids Come To Terms With Your Autoimmune Disease Diagnosis

How are you going to help your kids understand and feel comfort after your autoimmune disease diagnosis? We can help.

Pollution And Your Chronic Disease: Tips, Tricks and Theories To Stay Healthy In Unhealthy Air

Air pollution is bad for everyone, but potentially worse for those who are susceptible to a chronic disease.

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Do you hate mornings? Are they even worse with chronic pain? Consider making these simple habits part of your morning routine.

Four Autoimmune Disease News Topics You May Find Interesting

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Rainy Or Not: You Can Play With Your Kids Inside While Dealing With Your Chronic Disease

There’s something so special about a rainy day. It’s beautiful and peaceful outside. And your kids get to stay inside with you (which may not be as peaceful). But it’s always an exciting time to have everyone home on a rainy, Saturday afternoon. When you have a chronic disease, chances are that they aren’t too many days where you can