First Step in Coordinated Care With New Autoimmune Institute

Dr. Bonnie Feldman

A few years ago at Stanford Medicine X in Palo Alto, California, a group of like-minded autoimmune patients, providers and caregivers brainstormed a coordinated care facility that would treat autoimmune patients across specialities and related conditions.

And not only would they create a treatment plan with medications but they would recommend lifestyle changes in diet, meditation and other self-care activities that treat the whole health of patients.

An autoimmune institute opens

With the opening of the Allegheny Health Network (AHN) Autoimmunity Institute at West Penn Hospital in Pittsburgh, PA, we’re in the first stage of that brainstormed dream.

The center’s facilities offer patients the opportunity to see doctors across 12 disciplines within the same day with a coordinated mindset to create the final treatment plan.

Running the institute are a husband and wife MD team with a long history of treating autoimmune disease, specifically lupus, and who are committed to autoimmune research. The institute will have a focus on research and clinical trials for autoimmune conditions.

Optimism for better biomarkers and accurate diagnoses

While I didn’t have an appointment at the institute, I was so impressed by the tour and feel the medical community shift toward a focus on treating autoimmune disease in a new way that we’ve been wanting for years that they now see and are investing in meeting.

For more details on my visit and interview with the institute founders, Dr. Joseph Ahearn and Dr. Susan Manzi, read my full blog post here. And for more content about research and trends in autoimmunity, please visit my new website at


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