Autoimmune Fatigue: A Day In The Life, To Spread Awareness & Understanding

Good morning


It never leaves us. It’s a super symptom of almost all autoimmune diseases. For us moms, we realize it’s similar to the fatigue experienced in the first trimester of pregnancy… except it doesn’t go away at 14 weeks.

Yet autoimmune fatigue is undeniably an invisible symptom. I can have the best night’s sleep, yet wake up feeling like I didn’t sleep a wink. Do I look different from the day before? Nope. I’d have to tell everyone I meet that I am feeling really tired and draggy, and who wants to do that?

So in the spirit of the success of our partner post with The Mighty about best memes to describe chronic/autoimmune conditions, I want to do the same thing for the top super symptoms of autoimmune — starting with autoimmune fatigue.

Please post your favorite meme (in jpg or gif format, preferably) in the comments of the AutoimmuneMom Facebook page, or email me the meme at [email protected]. Please share this post with anyone who could help spread awareness and understanding of this symptom.

I’ll collect these funny, sad, poignant and honest memes and create a nice montage page that we can share with our friends and families to give them a taste of a day in our lives. To start it off, I made this sweet panda meme to express how I could take a nap anytime of the day some days. Aaaaah.

This is going to be awesome… and something you can send to your family before you show up for Thanksgiving, so they get why you need to lie down so often. 🙂

Thank you, fabulous autoimmune friends!


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