28 Memes Portray The Funny +True Side Of Fatigue From Autoimmune/Chronic Disease

We asked, you answered — a collection of 28 memes that are spot-on in describing the fatigue that comes with autoimmune and many other chronic diseases. Thank you so much to the hilarious AutoimmuneMom friends who contributed memes and other little snippets on Facebook in posts on November 11 and November 15.

PLEASE share widely among family and friends to spread awareness, understanding and a bit of empathy so that more people “get” what life is like during a flare… or every day for you.

No I have not slept well









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  1. Anybody with an autoimmune disease or chronic illness can relate to every single one of these thank you for the great post

  2. HopefulMom77 says:

    sadly all of these are my life

  3. Funny but true! Thanks for your sharing about chronic disease

  4. Thank you for the laugh. I needed it today.

  5. Colleen Ireland says:

    When faced with laughing or crying I aim to choose laughter every time so thank you.

  6. These are funny but true!!! You have to keep your humor!!!!
    It is pure survival, it helps me tremendously 😆

  7. Can you send me these funny memes?

  8. These are funny but true!!! You have to keep your humor!!!! link It is pure survival, it helps me tremendously

  9. Tammy Moreland says:

    Thank you for these. The cleaning one was spot on 😁I am on my couch in tears because I can’t hardly move from utter exhaustion. It is overehelming today. The tears are because I am so sick of all of this. Today is so much harder because with the latest supplement changes I had actually has a couple straight weeks of 50% pre-levels. Then to wake up this morning st the bottom again is devastating. I read your story on your website and it was encouraging, thank you. I was halfway through a Masters in Holistic Health and Wellness when all my symptoms started. I did manage to complete my degree but not the dream of become a wellness coach to busy, overachieving women. You need to be “well” yourself. Maybe someday…
    Thanks again for the smiles.

  10. Omg every single one of these describe me… finger even gets so tired of texting half the time it forgets to hit send 😊😊

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