Vitamins, Herbs and Other Supplements

Vitamins, herbs and supplements can be recommended in large quantities to aid, relieve or even cure autoimmune conditions. Learn more about the research behind common vitamins, herbs and supplements and how they will help manage autoimmune symptoms and individual autoimmune conditions.

Top Five Herbs to Treat Autoimmune


Autoimmune disease is a difficult-to-understand phenomenon that involves your immune system seemingly attacking your own tissue, organs and joints.  Consequently, symptoms that are widespread among all autoimmune diseases include inflammation, musculoskeletal pain and fatigue.  Some natural herbal remedies may be effective in combating these primary symptoms, although they should not be thought of as cures for any autoimmune disease. Because

Vitamin + Supplement Tips: Buy & Store


Attaining vitamins and minerals from nutritious foods is obviously the best dietary strategy, but knowing how much is in your food is often difficult for the average consumer.  The nutrient content in food is dependent on so many factors (soil quality, growing conditions, storage methods, food preparation, etc) that taking vitamin and mineral supplements can give you peace of mind

Effects of Vitamin D on Autoimmune Conditions


Are there scientific studies showing that vitamin D exerts any short- or long-term effects (positive or negative) on autoimmune conditions? For the past two decades researchers have known that nearly every cell in the human body possesses vitamin D receptors (VDRs). The VDRs in immune cells have attracted a great deal of scientific interest, but their actions are still not

Vitamin + Supplement Tips: Absorption for Maximum Levels


For best absorption, is it better to take vitamin D3 and omega-3 fatty acids alone or in combination with other vitamins or supplements? (For example, vitamin D3 is often combined with calcium and/or magnesium. Is this the best way to take this supplement?) Clearly, the best way to “absorb” vitamin D3 is to step into the sunlight, which stimulates the

Vitamin + Supplement Tips


When buying vitamins and supplements that help autoimmune disorders (e.g., Vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids, etc.), what factors are most important in choosing supplements that will absorb the best? Unlike prescription drugs, the potency, purity, and content of dietary supplements cannot be guaranteed.  Therefore, when purchasing supplements, you should first choose a manufacturer that adheres to the FDA’s Good Laboratory