How to get a better night’s rest with chronic pain

Chronic pain can make it difficult to sleep. However, poor sleep can exasperate chronic pain. It’s a vicious cycle, where neither one is helping you feel better. So, how do you take steps to improve your sleep and break this compounding cycle? As we’ve seen, the two often go hand in hand, but the good news is, there are some

Tips for helping you balance everyday responsibilities while living with autoimmune disease

Balancing life can be a struggle, even without an automimmune disease. Managing the stresses of work, family responsibilities, and life in general can be a difficult task. Then you add in autoimmune disease and everything becomes even more complicated. The symptoms can be distracting and debilitating, making it hard to do anything at times, let alone find balance. So, how

A Chronic Pain Life: Finding Motivation When All You Want To Do Is Stay In Bed

There are probably two reasons why you don’t want to get out of bed today. The first one is because you have chronic pain and it is painful to get out of bed (duh!) You don’t want to be in constant agony by moving around throughout the day, so you’ve decided to hunker down under the covers. The second reason

When Chronic Pain Takes Over, Choose To Focus On Your Mind

Mind over matter is a term that means to overcome physical trials through mental willpower. It’s probably an idea you learned about in elementary school. It’s an idea that is likely more meaningful to those of us who are dealing with chronic pain than most people. Choosing to mentally overcome your physical struggles is a reality for those of us

A Beginner’s Guide To Using Essential Oils For Your Pain And Fatigue

It seems like essential oils are a very popular form of healing and wellness these days. While we are not proponents of any particular brand or company of essential oils, we did want to suggest that it may be worth looking into using them for your own personal health if you haven’t so far. Some essential oils may be able