Since the cause of the roughly 80 autoimmune conditions is unknown, this section will cover theories of environmental triggers for autoimmune issues.

Autoimmune Disease and Parabens

One theory on why autoimmune diseases are now so prevalent globally is related to an overload of environment chemicals, toxins, pesticides and heavy metals. So many man-made compounds are part of our everyday lives that our bodies are constantly bombarded with foreign molecules, some of which provoke responses. These harmful compounds can injure glandular tissue, upsetting the endocrine system and

Geographic Clustering and Autoimmune Disease

There are many diseases and conditions that have been putatively linked to living or working in certain locations, which is known as geographic clustering, or geo-clustering. Today we will examine a few important facets of this phenomenon, in general as well as for specific disorders What is geographic clustering in general? As stated above, geographic clustering can be broadly defined