The Importance of Self-Care in Autoimmune Disease (For Yourself, Your Kids, and Your Grandkids)

Dr. Bonnie Feldman

Are your lifestyle choices creating a legacy of disease or a legacy of health?

family tree - a legacy of disease

family tree - a legacy of health





Good health habits today may lead us towards disease prevention for future generations.

As both an autoimmune mom and grandmother I, like many of you, conquer daily obstacles through self-care strategies. We often fail to recognize that these same strategies may prevent our children from experiencing similar struggles later in life. Starting with our own self-care and forming healthy habits, we can create a culture that values prevention and leave our children and grandchildren a legacy of health.

We know it’s hard. We’ve been there, too.

Behavior change can be complicated and tough – its patterns resembling the ups and downs of a game of Chutes and Ladders. Every day the question is “what should I try next to help with my symptoms?”  Maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regimen while lowering stress levels, on top of being a full-time parent may seem like a superhuman feat.

chutes and ladders of health





But at our lows, sliding down the “chutes”, it is good to realize that behavior change does not have to be this hard for the next generation.





By starting earlier with our children we can establish a standard of self-care, providing our kids with the building blocks for personal empowerment. Forming good habits earlier will help ensure better well-being in the future.

Baby steps today pay off big tomorrow!

If we each take one small step to better care for ourselves today, the combined efforts could inspire action in others. For example, I am sharing my meditation practice with my son and my yoga practice with my granddaughter. These baby steps can pay off big with a healthier next generation. Down the road, maybe our grandkids will know how to avoid chronic diseases altogether.

Curious to learn more about the importance of self-care and resilience in autoimmune disease? Be inspired by my personal story told on TEDx: The Single Most Valuable Legacy We Can Pass On

What can you do right now as a small step in self-care that will inspire the actions of your children and/or grandchildren? Share your thoughts below!

I have also created a curated collection of scientific autoimmune resources for you: Take Charge of All Things Autoimmune.


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