Rainy Or Not: You Can Play With Your Kids Inside While Dealing With Your Chronic Disease

46356392_MThere’s something so special about a rainy day. It’s beautiful and peaceful outside. And your kids get to stay inside with you (which may not be as peaceful). But it’s always an exciting time to have everyone home on a rainy, Saturday afternoon. When you have a chronic disease, chances are that they aren’t too many days where you can spend the entire day with your sweet kiddos. So days when everyone is home and inside are great for family fun and bonding.

The greatest part is that you don’t have to wait for a rainstorm to have fun with your kids inside. Instead, you can designate any weekend day as a family inside day. These days are a great way to make sure you’re making memories with your kids, regardless of your own personal battle with your chronic disease. Indoor activities can be quiet, easy-to-do, and won’t take away all of your energy. You can plan your rainy day activities based on how you’re feeling with your chronic disease that day. These are great opportunities to love, laugh and hang out with your favorite little people.

Rainy day activities don’t have to happen during a rainstorm. Transform any day into a fun-filled, low key bonding experience with your children.

Our favorite activities don’t require a lot of time or energy. They’re something you can choose to do with your kiddos regardless of how you’re feeling with your chronic disease right now. Here are some of our favorites activity ideas:

Put on a play or show.
Kids have such beautiful imaginations. You can take advantage of this by playing dress up, designating a stage and letting your kids direct a fun play. Let the kids take over and perform something special for you. Or, you can help them with the script.

You can even film the play on your phone to make sure you have it later. You’ll be sure to laugh at their craziness and love their creativity as they put together a performance for you.

Have a coloring contest.
There’s nothing simpler than sitting at the table with a bucket of crayons and having a coloring contest. If you’re not up to anything too time-consuming due to your chronic disease, this is a great activity to do with your kiddos.

You can have a theme for what you kids need to color, or you can let them pick their own picture. You can go freestyle with plain, white paper or you can pull out some coloring books. It really all depends on what you have on-hand and what works best for your kids.

Play board games.
If your kids are old enough, board games a great way to keep them entertained. Board games can teach kids a lot of lessons, including sportsmanship and following rules. They’re a great way to create a little fun competition.

You can have a board game marathon, or just stick to a family favorite. This would also be a great time to introduce a new board game to your family.

Make a dinner together.
You have to eat – even on rainy days. These days are a great time to teach your kids about cooking in the kitchen. You can even let them plan the menu ahead of time so you can get what you need from the grocery store. This is, of course, if you’re up to going to the grocery store as you’re dealing with your chronic disease.

Letting your kids cook with you is a great way to teach them a new craft. Who knows, you may even inspire your kids to have a new hobby.

Build a blanket fort.
This may be stretch if you’re having a tough day with chronic disease. But if you do have the energy, creating a blanket fort with your kiddos is a really fun way to bond. You can take blankets from all over the house and create a new special place for the day.

Just keep in mind that this idea will also require some clean up. Make sure your kids are responsible enough to help you take it down. We don’t want to wear you out too much on this fun and special day.

Having a chronic disease doesn’t have to stop you from having a blast with your little ones. You don’t want to miss out on these great moments with your kids. This is a great time to be part of their lives. You can plan an indoor, rainy day soon and spend time really bonding with your kids. It will be nice to take a day off from your physical health.


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