Since the cause of the roughly 80 autoimmune conditions is unknown, this section will cover theories of environmental triggers for autoimmune issues.

Do Environmental Triggers Have An Impact On Autoimmune Onset?

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The impact of environmental triggers on autoimmune disease is, and has been for several years, an area of great interest among researchers and clinicians, clearly indicating that there is some sort of connection between the two, as evidenced in these studies about autoimmune thyroid disease and lupus. Presently there are still a lot more questions than answers in this arena, but it is still encouraging

GMOs, Leaky Gut & Inflammation: You Can’t Fool Mother Nature

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What was the original intent of genetic modification for food production? Companies that sell seeds, fertilizers, bug killers and weed killers argue that food production is their greatest objective.  They often make claims about the increased yield or production of a crop as a result of their work — after all, aren’t they just trying to feed the world? There are numerous aspects of genetically

Cold Weather’s Impact on Autoimmune Disease Flares + Tips For Being Outside in Fall and Winter

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Changes in or extreme climates can often have an effect on disease conditions.  In some cases, there are certain types of weather that can be helpful in controlling or improving a condition; other times, climate can impact disorders negatively in terms of symptoms and disease progression.  Here we consider the effects of cold weather and temperatures on autoimmune disease. Why does cold air (dry or

Fluoride in the Water: Any Links to Autoimmune Disease?

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The issue of fluoridation and whether it should be a mandated additive to our public water system is decades old.  Its origins are rooted, believe it or not, in post-war fear of a communist takeover, ostensibly enabled by poisoning the American water supply.  While accepted as a great public health benefit by the majority of scientists and lay people, it has remained, for one reason

Autoimmune Disease and Parabens

One theory on why autoimmune diseases are now so prevalent globally is related to an overload of environment chemicals, toxins, pesticides and heavy metals. So many man-made compounds are part of our everyday lives that our bodies are constantly bombarded with foreign molecules, some of which provoke responses. These harmful compounds can injure glandular tissue, upsetting the endocrine system and wreak havoc across the immune