A Different Autoimmune “Diet”: Food Therapy for Optimal Health

Dr. Bonnie Feldman

Whether it is for weight loss, symptom management or just overall health, most people have tried following specific diets at some point in their lives. But despite all their popularity, why do most diets fail?

The internet is full of dramatic success stories, many trying to sell you on one fad diet or another. It can be discouraging to try the specialty diet that worked for someone else only to find no real success for you! Why didn’t it work for you? It can be an easy jump to poor body image, negative thinking, and the feeling that you alone are struggling to find the perfect diet. That you alone are struggling to manage your symptoms, and feel optimally healthy. But you are NOT alone!

A return to food as medicine

The rapid rise in autoimmune and other inflammatory diseases over the last fifty years has resulted in a return to the ancient, Hippocratic and Eastern medicine focus on using nutrition and diet to control symptoms. Personalized nutrition is the wave of the future, and more people are paying much closer attention to food as part of health. Interdisciplinary work between fields such as genetics, microbiology, immunology, nutritional sciences and others is contributing a new understanding of how and why food is a key to good health.

How do you create a personalized diet?

One diet does not fit all! What worked for your partner, relative or friend, not to mention some rando on Twitter, is not guaranteed to work for you. You are unique– one in WAY more than a million. There is no quick fix to alleviate your symptoms and achieve optimal health. That being said, it is easier than ever to figure out which foods help your body and which foods hurt it. So how do you start?

Introducing our free e-book:

A Guide to Food Therapy: Crafting Your Autoimmune Diet

Discover how to jump start your journey to finding your best diet:

  • Learn about how genetics, epigenetics, the microbiomes, pre- and probiotics interact with your diet to change your health for good or ill.
  • Reexamine the concept of  “diet” and learn about your options. (compare Gluten-free, Paleo, Wahls, low FODMAP, AIP, GAPS diet, SCD, and Intermittent fasting (IF).
  • Discover how to create an actionable plan by experimenting with yourself and getting in tune with your body.
  • Explore harnessing food as medicine with easy initial experiments like trying eight  immune boosting foods, and eating mindfully.

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About the Author
Dr. Bonnie Feldman’s mission is to create a digitally connected world of personalized care for autoimmune patients. Through consulting, market research, writing and speaking, she works with patients as well as other teams using data and digital tools to reshape research, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of autoimmune disease.

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