Benefits of Exercise for Autoimmune Conditions

Will regular exercise reduce my symptoms and flares generally? Exercise can be beneficial for those suffering from autoimmune conditions for several reasons. Exercise helps to regulate blood sugar and weight. Exercise helps increase mental alertness and feelings of well-being and exercise can help to combat fatigue if done carefully.  Exercise is very therapeutic in most all cases of autoimmune conditions

Should I Take the Supplement Selenium?

Selenium is a trace element similar to the chemical copper and is found in foods, water, and in dietary supplements.  Whether you should take selenium as a dietary supplement depends on several factors regarding your state of health and your autoimmune condition. Selenium has been proven to be necessary for the heart to function correctly.  It has also shown properties

Hair Loss and Autoimmune Diseases

What is the medical definition of hair loss beyond normal hair loss on a daily basis? Hair loss, (also termed alopecia) may affect men and women of all ages.  The most common form of hair loss is Androgenetic alopecia, or hair specific pattern baldness. The temporal loss of hair for men and central thinning of hair for women are the

Finding the Right Doctor: Types of Naturopaths

Autoimmune conditions can be difficult to diagnose, treat, and manage. Many who have these conditions seek healthcare providers who use natural or alternative treatments in conjunction with common western medical treatments, or in place of current treatments that may not be working, to relieve symptoms. What are the most common types of naturopaths, and what are the differences in their

Multiple Sclerosis & Pregnancy

Multiple Sclerosis is more common in women during child bearing years so the question about how safe it is to become pregnant with this autoimmune condition takes center stage for women with the disease.  The consensus is that fertility rates equal that of women without MS and the risks to the infant remain about the same as for any pregnant