Looking For Ways To Support A Loved One With An Invisible Autoimmune Illness? In Honor Of National Caregiver’s Month

If you are in a committed relationship, there is an expectation of “sticking it out” through tough times regardless of whether or not you actually nervously sputtered out the words “in sickness and in health” at a wedding ceremony. And yet, faced with a challenge such as chronic illness, many people feel suddenly inadequate as a partner. It’s no wonder, really;

Autoimmune Conditions & Miscarriage: Is There a Connection?

While we have all probably heard the numbers a dozen or more times throughout life, it often isn’t until a woman experiences a miscarriage herself that she begins to wonder about and investigate the frequency of this difficult situation. After a miscarriage, most women feel sad and frightened about their prospects of carrying a healthy pregnancy to term and those

Frustrated with Your Doctor Visits? Tips for Autoimmune Patients

Living with a chronic disease is hard enough without the frustration of working with doctors who communicate poorly, and navigating an internet nearly exploding with contradictory advice and information. How is one to know the best path to follow? Should you take the awful-sounding, but proven-effective medications your doctor is recommending, or try out the sweat lodge your friend keeps

Depression, Autoimmune Disease and What You Can Do

Our culture has recently made strides in learning how to better discuss mental health and emotional well-being in ways that our parents and grandparents could never have done. And yet, as individuals, many of us remain far away from a place of deep understanding and acceptance of what it means to be emotionally healthy, safe and proactive. Depression remains one

Fertility and Autoimmune Disease

Is there a connection between fertility difficulties and autoimmune conditions? One of the many frustrations about having an (or multiple) autoimmune disease is the frequency with which you are told, “We just don’t know;” “The conditions vary greatly among patients so we can’t predict that for you;” “The research provides conflicting data…”  It can make a patient feel alone and