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Paleo, Grain Free, Dairy Free Ideas for Thanksgiving + Tips for Holiday Eating Away From Home

With Thanksgiving approaching quickly, I have been excitedly planning our holiday feast, but accommodating a variety of friends’ and family’s food allergies and preferences can be tough… especially when you’re crafting an autoimmune-friendly meal. As I’m a sucker for traditional foods, I am one for taking my holiday favorites and tweaking them to accommodate my autoimmune needs.  I experiment and

GMOs, Leaky Gut & Inflammation: You Can’t Fool Mother Nature

What was the original intent of genetic modification for food production? Companies that sell seeds, fertilizers, bug killers and weed killers argue that food production is their greatest objective.  They often make claims about the increased yield or production of a crop as a result of their work — after all, aren’t they just trying to feed the world? There

A Guide to Rare Autoimmune Diseases

The category “autoimmune disease”, as with almost all other diseases, consists of conditions that run the spectrum from very common to exceedingly rare, and everything in between.  These distinctions are sometimes fairly static, but more often they are rather fluid characterizations that tend to change epidemiologically and demographically over time and across global regions.  Below we examine briefly some pertinent

Bioidentical Hormone Treatment: Will It Help or Hurt Your Autoimmune Conditions?

In the last few decades, hormone replacement therapy for women of menopausal age has alternately been hailed as a savior and condemned as a potential threat, sometimes simultaneously.  Their considerable ability to influence and mitigate both normal and disease processes has been tempered by their apparent deleterious effects on other aspects of women’s health.  Below we consider a very specific

Life With Psoriatic Arthritis: Advice & Thoughts For Autoimmune Moms At Any Stage of the Journey

I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis in 2004 – almost 10 years ago now. At the time I was shocked, but didn’t really comprehend the magnitude of what this chronic disease meant with regard to my life, my husband’s life, and that of my children. I had already survived a health scare three years earlier and had surgery to remove