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Keep Calm and Give The Immune System A Boost: Meditate!

As autoimmune moms, we have a *ton* on our plates:  juggling our own autoimmune symptoms (or that of our kids) and overall health, trying to be good moms to our kids, keeping up with the house, cooking, and our family activities.  It sometimes doesn’t seem possible to balance anything else or add anything in.  There are moments when pulling your

Navigating Health Insurance in 2013 + Autoimmune Conditions

Are there any insurance coverage issues with autoimmune conditions – could I be cut off from health benefits (e.g., with small employers not subject to the new health care law) if I do not disclose a condition at the time it is known? One of the most important protections under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is that

To Tell or Not To Tell: Strategies for Interviewing and Working with an Autoimmune Condition

What am I required to disclose about my health to an employer, either during a job interview or at the start of a job? The ADA says that you do not have to reveal your disability to a potential employer during the interview process. You need only disclose information about a health condition if you wish your employer to make

Probiotics: The Positives Are More Than Just A Gut Feeling

The use of probiotics in various applications has become quite prevalent over the past two decades, as some physicians have become convinced that a microbial imbalance in the gut may be responsible for a host of maladies.  This is especially true for gastrointestinal disorders, but it may be implicated in a host of other conditions as well.  Here we examine