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Stronger or Weaker? Your Immune System’s Fighting Power With Autoimmune Disease

The human immune system contains complex and powerful machinery capable of keeping us healthy under most circumstances, by attacking a myriad of active and potential pathogens simultaneously.  On occasion, as seen with autoimmune disease and other conditions, this system malfunctions, yielding various disturbances in these immunological mechanisms.  Here we discuss the possibility of autoimmune disease affecting the body’s normal immune

A Guide to Multiple Sclerosis

People with multiple sclerosis can experience a number of symptoms of varying severity in varying cycles. Symptoms often come and go—you feel yucky, you feel better, then, pow! You’re back to feeling awful again, sometimes with the same symptoms, sometimes with a whole new set. Each cycle of this debilitating disease can last months or even years. The symptoms experienced

“The Clean Eating Cookbook” Is Fabulously Great – Book Review

Autoimmune Disease: The Clean Eating Cookbook, by Lisa Poloniato Marchese, CHN, is a clearly written, easy-to-use and wonderfully supportive cookbook, especially for novice cooks like me.  But the cookbook is more than a variety of recipes for appetizers, main courses, snacks and smoothies.  For me, simply, the cookbook offers hope. After going gluten-free nine months ago and not getting the

Pass The Bananas With The Salt: How The Sodium-Potassium Ratio Affects Your Adrenal Glands, Thyroid And Heart

Many disorders, autoimmune and otherwise, are thought to be caused, at least in part, by an imbalance of vitamins, minerals and/or biochemicals within the body.  While such an imbalance rarely tells the entire story, in many cases it can be implicated as part of the problem.  Below we examine the issue of whether a disproportionate sodium-potassium ratio may be responsible