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LEAP Immunocalm Diet for All Autoimmune Conditions

What conditions is this diet best for? The LEAP Immunocalm Diet is clinically proven to improve migraines, irritable bowel syndrome and fibromyalgia.  Depending on the individual, the diet can be helpful in just about any condition where inflammation is involved, but especially: Migraines and chronic headaches Irritable Bowel Syndrome Fibromyalgia and joint pain Arthritis (osteo or rheumatoid) Asthma Skin conditions

Autoimmune Conditions 101

What is Autoimmune Disease? Autoimmune disease is a poorly understood collection of disorders (more than 80 different types) that is thought to involve an inappropriate immune response directed at your own cells and tissues.  In other words, the medical community believes that autoimmune disorders are caused by your immune system mistakenly attacking your body for unknown reasons, which can slowly

Effects of Vitamin D on Autoimmune Conditions

Are there scientific studies showing that vitamin D exerts any short- or long-term effects (positive or negative) on autoimmune conditions? For the past two decades researchers have known that nearly every cell in the human body possesses vitamin D receptors (VDRs). The VDRs in immune cells have attracted a great deal of scientific interest, but their actions are still not

Living with Autoimmune in Your 20s and 30s

Welcome to the second article in this series examining life during various decades for patients with autoimmune disease.  In the first entry, we discussed the experience of living with autoimmune disease in your teen years, and how this impacts both patient and disease profile.  Today, we look at those same questions for someone in her 20s or 30s, i.e., the

Living with Autoimmune in Your 40s and 50s

In this article, we continue to examine living with autoimmune disease over time, specifically focusing here on the pre-menopausal/menopausal years, during your 40s and 50s decades of life.  As a reminder, this entry will mainly cover the differences in health and disease that these two decades present for autoimmune disease sufferers.  A more comprehensive look at life with autoimmune disease