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Caffeine Intake and Autoimmune Conditions

Does caffeine affect common autoimmune symptoms such as inflammations or flares, positively or negatively? Like all the living cells in your body, your immune cells are studded with an array of receptors that permit them to respond to their environment and to communicate with one another. Scientists have learned that one type of receptor—the adenosine receptor—plays a vital role in

Living With Fibromyalgia and Celiac Disease

These diseases can be debilitating, and dealing with both at the same time can be doubly hard, as there aren’t always clear treatment solutions. But there are things that women suffering from one or both should know in order to mitigate symptoms and improve quality of life. Below we consider some of these issues. What are tips for managing the

Is Your Post-Partum Thyroid Condition Chronic?

Women who have been recently diagnosed with a thyroid disease may be overwhelmed, especially if it is in combination with becoming a new mom. The symptoms associated with thyroid disease may also be associated with lack of sleep, fatigue, and weight gain from a pregnancy and motherhood in general. However, it is never wrong for a woman to challenge a